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Why does Tsukiyama really feel the need to wear a mask? I’m pretty sure “man with purple hair wearing a red, or other bright colored tuxedo” is pretty easy to identify and a mask does nothing to protect his identity from the CCG.

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this is probably the first time someones told haru that he’s good at something other than swimming and it’s so important oh my god

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"I love that character who wears smart clothes, has a really handsome face and acts politely to others but actually is a narcissistic piece of shit who pulls really dumb looking evil facial expressions. He’s also born around the start of March, is around 1.8m tall, is blood type A, and is voiced by Mamoru Miyano."







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Well now I know that if a zombie apocalypse comes I can probably outrun zombies.

Seriously loving Zombies, Run! Three more weeks of the 5k training and then I’ll buy the full version.

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I have the urge to do a Tokyo Ghoul cosplay at a con so that I can carry around thing like gummy eyeballs and fingers to eat throughout the day. But I still haven’t used the Sitri cosplay, and I need to do that.

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make yuri sports anime 

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